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Article: 30 Day Self Care Challenge and How to be Successful

30 Day Self Care Challenge and How to be Successful
Self care

30 Day Self Care Challenge and How to be Successful

Despite life's challenges…

I don't let them get me down! 

It was often challenging for me to take care of myself because I was always focused on others or everything else. I had a busy lifestyle that I could quickly become stressed, rundown, and burnt out! Is this something you can relate to? I will share with you the 30-day self-care challenge I did that helped me improve my body, mind, and finances. Because I know it is not easy to form a habit or break a bad habit, I will also share a simple yet effective tool I used that helped me complete the challenge. 

But before that, let's discuss what self-care is, why it's essential, and what the 30-Day Self-Care Challenge is.

What is Self-Care and What Self-Care Isn't

Self-care can be defined as anything that promotes and sustains your physical, mental, and spiritual health. Taking care of oneself does not have to cost a fortune; it's just about doing things you like. Finding the time to enjoy yourself, relax or unwind, and maintain a healthy lifestyle can be the greatest act of self-care. 

Why self-care is important

Research has shown that engaging in a self-care routine reduces anxiety and depression, stress, improves concentration, minimizes frustration and anger, increases happiness, improves energy, and a lot more. 

 Health and wellbeing can be affected negatively by stress. Many stress-relieving activities can be integrated into our everyday lives.

The practice of taking care of ourselves when we feel overwhelmed, stressed, rundown, or like things are getting on top of us.

But I also understand that many of us have such busy lifestyles or constantly prioritizing other people. So, this 30-day challenge is a perfect way to help refocus your mental health, introduce some valuable "me time," and create new goals.

How 30 Days Of Self-Care Works

The 30-day challenge is pretty simple; you just need to choose the ones that speak to you the most and then customize them to suit your specific needs.  

Taking part in a 30-day self-care challenge will let you figure out precisely what self-care means to YOU! 

The Things you can do during the 30 Day Self-Care Challenge

  • Take Some Exercise

A regular exercise routine will increase your mood, give you energy, and extend your lifespan.  

  • Take a bath

Bathing is a great way to take care of your body and mind. It is one of the most straightforward and most enjoyable things I've discovered to relax by taking a self-care bath during your day. 

  • Start a Gratitude Journal 

There is no better hack to happiness than gratitude. Gratitude journals are an easy way to remember what you are grateful for in your life. When you express gratitude, you will also find that you are happier.

  • State affirmations

Through affirmations, you can positively begin your day. I take one card and display it on my desk. Check out our 31 Positive Affirmation Cards that I use to manifest good vibes and boost my confidence.  

  • Go For A Walk In Nature

Taking a stroll along a nearby trail with trees and natural beauty can be very relaxing. Let yourself be in the moment during the long walk, and notice the sights and sounds.

  •  Clean/Declutter

During the 30-day self-care challenge, I commit to letting go of 10 objects I don't need. Yes! Letting unnecessary things go, not just moving things around. Decluttering my workspace always gives me a renewed sense of empowerment and productivity.

In doing so, you can quickly release yourself from a few things that are subconsciously weighing you down. 

  • Have A Social Media Detox

Too much social media can be toxic, depressing and it sucks hours. Studies have shown that people who use social media tend to compare themselves to those around them. As a result, it can negatively affect your self-esteem.

Taking a break might be a good idea. Use your time to study a new skill, or cuddle and play with your kids or take a relaxing bath instead.  

  • Perform a Random Act of Kindness 

Do something kind for someone whom you don't know today.

Here are some simple ideas:

  1. Make a double batch of the cookies you're baking and bring some next door.
  2. Hold the Elevator Door

  3. Leave a Nice Note on Someone's Car

  4. Leave Quarters at the Laundromat 

  • Practice some yoga

Yoga slows your breathing and helps you enter a meditative state, an excellent form of self-care. It allows you to keep your attention on the present and forget about the task at hand, even just for a few minutes. 

  • Please do your own manicure and pedicure or get them professionally done

Treat yourself well! Feel free to dress up your nails with some bright color if that makes you happy! 

  • Burn some relaxing candles
Candles release scents that calm the mind and help reduce symptoms of stress. 
Burning candles has become part of my personal ritual to commit to reflection and relaxation.
  • Go on a road trip 

Travel gives me a welcome chance to reconnect with who I am, what makes me happy, and perhaps to rediscover parts of myself that may have been lost in the hustle and bustle of everyday life. 

  • Get yourself some flowers

Buying yourself beautiful flowers is an expression of self-love and a demonstration that you can achieve whatever you want and deserve to be loved.

  • Drink plenty of water

Water is an excellent start to our day! Drinking water helps boost energy, flush toxins out, and support healthy blood flow. Studies prove that there's a negative impact on our cognitive abilities and mood with even mild dehydration.  

  • Wear something that makes you feel great

A feeling of comfort and confidence leads to an overall sense of happiness. Confidence and happiness are essential both in business and personal life… and it can come simply from wearing clothes that make you feel great. 

  • Have a cold shower

A cold shower makes the body more resilient to stress, as it exposes it to extreme conditions and boosts willpower. Showering with cold water can also help you wake up more quickly in the morning, to the point that you may not even need coffee anymore!

  • Reflect on yourself in the mirror.

Looking in the mirror became a practice for me, not so that I could judge my appearance or imagine how I could satisfy others, but simply to acknowledge my feelings. Over time, this helped me see more deeply into myself with compassion and look past the imperfections in my appearance. It turned into a meditation. 

The challenge was only meant to last 30 days, but my purpose was to learn how to improve my lifestyle, so I decided to make a 60-day self-care challenge this time, or until it becomes a habit.  

As mentioned above, I will share the simple yet effective tool I used to make this 30-day self-care challenge successful. 

It's a. . .  

. . .habit tracker. It allowed me to tap into the power of repetition. You can DIY your habit tracker or invest in one habit tracker that is available out there. 

I put it in a place where I can easily see it, reminding me that I am up for a challenge. Using habit tracking reinforces your progress—a subtle reminder of your accomplishments. Also, seeing the empty square every morning motivates you to start because you don't want to break that good habit.

This idea encouraged me to make and produce my own Epic Self Habit Tracker to help women be more productive every day.  

The self-care ideas listed above are meant to encourage you to take a closer look at your own health and wellbeing. Feel free to share if you already use some of these ideas in your own life. If so, please share any experiences below.


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