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About Us

It’s no secret that having goals is a universal experience. Maybe your father wants to improve his lifestyle. Maybe your sister wants to make more friends. Maybe you want to get your dream job. While we may have different dreams, we all have one thing in common - we all want to make them come true. However, how we go about doing so is a different story.


Anyone who has been diagnosed with ADHD or frequently finds themselves unable to find motivation knows the struggle of making their goals a reality. You’re in a mental tug-of-war - wanting to make your dreams come true but not knowing how to make them happen.


Fortunately, we can help you.


At Epic Self, our goal is to help you - you guessed it - be your most epic self. When our founder was diagnosed with ADHD, not only was it challenging to find focus, but it was also a difficult feat to find practical and aesthetic products that promoted productivity and positive reinforcement. So, she decided to make her own.


Our self-development products are designed to support everyone as they aim for their full potential, regardless of their circumstances. Through strategic planning and thoughtful manifestations, the possibilities are endless. Additionally, we emphasize the importance of clarity when keeping up with the demands of daily life, securing you in a positive mindset to take on any challenge with collected confidence.


So, now you can write out your goals and adopt self-help habits to manifest your dreams into a reality. The transformative results you’ll see will convince you that your most epic self is right within your reach.