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ADHD Planners - Beige

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  • FOR ADHD BY ADHD: This ADHD planner for adults was crafted by an entrepreneur with firsthand experience of the condition, which is why it approaches the form with empathy and care. We aim to make this the best ADHD planner possible by creating a nurturing environment for ambitious ADHD brains.
  • SUPPORTS ADHD: This self planner was made with the ADHD brain in mind, which means the features of the book won't overload the brain with information. The professional planner, along with the exercises within this book are each designed to make use of ADHD tendencies, rather than challenge them.
  • GOAL PLANNER: Using this life organizer planner, you'll have dedicated spaces for setting your goals ahead of time. This will include longer-term goals that you can set your own time frames for, along with weekly overviews, a daily checklist, and an overall roadmap of where you want to be.
  • EXERCISES JOURNAL & REMINDERS: Along with its long-term, weekly, and daily organizer and goal-setting sections, there are also a number of other parts to this ADHD and ADD planner. These features include weekly brain dumps for purging thoughts and also personal routine and ritual zones.
  • PROGRESS REFLECTION: After utilizing the weekly and daily schedule planner sections, along with setting your goals and completing exercises, it's vital to reflect on your productivity progress. Whether on a week-by-week basis or longer-term, this focus planner gives you the space to look in.
ADHD Planners - Beige
ADHD Planners - Beige Sale price$34.95