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Reading Journal - Pink

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  • TRACK YOUR HABITS: Following your behavior patterns is invaluable for bettering yourself and developing healthy habits. Whether you’re an avid reader and want to document your favorite reads or are hoping to read more for your personal wellness, log your progress with a companion reading notebook.
  • REVIEW YOUR BOOKS: Having all your past reads documented means you have a reference when you need it to remember the highs and lows of a novel. This timeless book journal will stay with you for life, refreshing your memory of your favorite reads whenever a friend asks for a book recommendation.
  • READING CHALLENGES: If you are a book lover and often get lost in a story, you will love our reading challenges. Book lovers unite and read 25, 50, and then 100 books, reigniting your passion for reading and helping you to digest more information. List key features to solidify the plot in your mind.
  • PUSH YOURSELF TO READ: Reading doesn’t come naturally to everyone, and that’s ok! With this reading journal, you will track your reading trends by logging your daily pages, and you can feel proud when you achieve a reading streak. If you often lose track of the plot, writing notes as you go will keep you connected.
  • GIFT IDEA FOR A BOOKWORM: Do you have a friend or family member who lives with their nose in a book? Help them stay on track of their favorite reads with this notebook to record their novels, encouraging them to read and interact with their books in a mindful way that inspires critical thinking and reflection.
Reading Journal - Pink
Reading Journal - Pink Sale price$18.99